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travel industry

A public company client with a national contact centre was required to operate extended hours to provide service from coast to coast. This presented a challenge to provide staffing across a 15-hour window, with multiple time zones.

With a significant need for training agents on new packages and offers, juggling the broad coverage was made even more difficult. The business also had significant seasonal impacts which caused a large fluctuation in call arrivals throughout the year.

nimbus was able to integrate to the telephone ACD to collect performance data and use it to provide accurate workload forecasts.

Being a very people focused organisation, agents were able to nominate their preferred availability on the native nimbus App.

With the highly sophisticated nimbus rules engine, the organisation was able to juggle conflicting inputs to create employee schedules that met the goal of Right Agent at the Right Time.

Utilizing the inbuilt call and screen recording module, in conjunction with the nimbus Quality Management Module, the business was able to track and maintain a focused Quality Management Framework.

nimbus provided the business with a 15% lift in productivity across the organisation’s multiple time zone operation, while retaining a high level of employee engagement.

business process outsourcer (BPO)

A nimbus BPO client had a challenge in providing service levels to their end customer due to the inconsistent nature of their workload. Shifts needed to be filled at short notice while at other times the expected workload did not eventuate. This would result in an undersupply or oversupply of staff.

After deploying nimbus, the organisation was able to offer shifts to staff at short notice via the nimbus App. Schedule notifications were pushed to the smart phone of agents who had the predetermined required skills, availability, and proximity. The agents were able to accept the shift instantly and report to work to complete their shift and meet the need.

Conversely, on the odd occasion where there was over staffing due to an unexpected reduction in work, agents were sent a push notification with the opportunity to leave early if they desired. This improved flexibility to the agent and assisted the business in managing costs. Again, providing productivity gains and managing cost.

With nimbus, the business was able to be flexible and respond to changing call flows, while at the same time ensuring they met all business and employee pay awards and key KPI customer targets.

bricks and mortar call centres continue to on-board remote / home telephone agents with nimbus

A household name, with a bricks and mortar call centre operation running nimbus, now has greater than 25% remote/home based telephone agents receiving and taking customer telephone calls. It is expected that this percentage will increase in the future, delivering much needed employment to rural Australia.

Delivering seamless SoftPhone and Schedule automation to at-home agents

Today, casual and part-time call centre employees in regional Australia receive a notification on their desktop computer or smartphone that a telephone shift is available. If they accept the offer, nimbus places the agent on the master schedule and notifies their team leader at the Call Centre that the shift has been filled.

To begin their shift, the agent logs into the nimbus dashboard on their home computer which is connected to the internet. Once they clock-on, their SoftPhone is seamlessly launched onto nimbus and they can commence receiving and placing customer telephone calls. The SoftPhone functions just like a traditional phone and is used with a headset connected to their personal computer.

Customer service activities for the organisation, including account service inquiries, debt collection, dispute resolution, sales and marketing are all handled by these remote agents. The calls are monitored in real-time by nimbus, ensuring KPI targets are being met. All performance issues, such as critical out-of-adherence notification, are automatically escalated to team leaders and management. The agents also receive performance feedback at the end of their shift, ensuring an inclusive team culture.

The innovative nimbus technology means employees based in rural communities don’t have to travel to regional centres and major cities to find work. Furthermore, the organisation can meet increased call volumes and real-time shift scheduling that reduces the overall cost of operating the Call Centre.

nimbus delivers a unique experience for the agent, the organisation and the end customer.

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