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about nimbus

nimbus is the only true patent protected, cloud based WFM Solution supporting SoftPhones for Contact Centres globally.

our heritage

Our story began in 1999; we were young, motivated and ready to tackle the new wave of smart technology with our biggest driver being fear of failure.

We took the opportunities head on, and over the next decade developed and distributed an industry leading on-premise WFM Solution to many publicly traded companies, including Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies.

Due to the success and global reach of our WFM solution, we sold the operating business to a major integrator in 2013 as we saw the industry migrating towards a true mobility, cloud-based operation.

With a vision to lead the industry’s future, we leveraged the increased relevance of the cloud with a sophisticated, value added WFM system built around agent empowerment.

our future

With the advent of reliable fast internet and advanced security protocols, the adoption of Cloud based software applications has increased exponentially. With Contact Centre software rapidly moving to the cloud as a substitute for traditional, on-premise solutions, Software as a Service (SaaS) is the new normal, supporting on-demand scalability and maintaining cost control.

Through our substantial experience in developing and deploying smart, innovative technology, we see the natural evolution of the Contact Centre industry being the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud SoftPhone solutions. These new cloud based telephony solutions are paving the way for the demise of capital intensive bricks and mortar operations, and the rapid increase in the deployment of remote-based agents.

Furthermore, we see the ability of agents to work remotely as having a positive impact on the planet and our communities. Removing their commute times should lower traffic congestion, reduce fuel consumption and assist with increasingly strained public transport systems. It will also result in less stressed work environments, with happier agents delivering a superior customer experience.

These new workforces will be supported by our patented access control module. nimbus allows our clients to automatically log agents into their softphone based on their work schedule, role and skills and log them off at the end of their shift to control costs, fatigue, and ensure compliance with a streamlined and secure WFM solution.


nimbus is proud to work with Amazon Connect and other leading AI companies. Discover how nimbus Workforce Management solutions have been applied across multiple industries below.