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Our cloud technologies help companies maximize their human and team resources. Modern workforces are nimble and adapt quickly to business changes. They're often in motion - reassembling in different workgroups and teams as business needs dictate.
Through all this change and flexibility, businesses are more responsible now than ever for ensuring compliance, continuity and accuracy. Speed, flexibility and accountability are all part of the modern workforce, and nimbus solutions help companies stay responsive and help their people achieve success.

Workforce Management Software Solutions

Facilitating a “live anywhere, work everywhere” world and automating business wage compliance, operational efficiencies and employee engagement.


Cloud. Compliance. Remote Work. Human Optimisation.

nimbus Time2Work

A true cloud-based WorkForce Management software solution that is Australian-built for risk free compliance and management controls.

nimbus Connect

A sophisticated pure cloud software platform for contact centre WorkForce Management requirements. Consumption-based pricing with patented controls and compliance. Optimum remote and work from home application.

nimbus Hub

A speciality application to support the telecommunications industry. Provides critical disaster recovery call diversion and SIP Trunk call redirection.

broad industry and people relevance

The nimbus suite of products uses an integrated and configurable approach to create industry specific solutions, for companies globally.

patented technology

No other platform will allow you to control employee’s access to the SoftPhone via your dashboard

true cloud

Realise business continuity and telecommunications success with a cloud-native portal.

the future is bright

Revolutionising and optimising Contact Centres with patented technologies.

20+ years of innovation

Are you ready for the change?


Patented Access Controls of Contact Centre SoftPhone and telephone agents.

Data Aggregation

Data from multiple sources can be harvested for more accurate forecasting of workload 

AI Forecasting

Use historical data to better predict staffing levels 

Skills-based Scheduling

Ensure an optimised, fair & compliant workforce

Intraday Management

Manage “on the day” changes to meet service level targets 

Real-time Intraday

Observe intraday activity with the nimbus connect dashboards and widgets 

Call & Screen Recording

Record the audio and video of customer interactions, then search and playback from the user dashboard 

Quality Evaluation & Feedback

Continuously improve agent performance 

Automated Workflow

Automate actions and ensure the correct processes are in place 

AI Reporting

Create your own reports and dashboards to gain a clear view of performance

Costing Models

Managers can see and control the cost of each schedule, with the ability to drill down to department level to ensure budgets are met 

Payroll Integration

Eliminate costly manual process with on-time/accurate payroll integration. 


Empower agents to deliver a superior customer experience 

WFM SoftPhone Control

Engage and manage agents on-demand 

Workforce Engagement Mobile App

Improve engagement and empower agents –accessibility for all Roles/Agents 

SIP Trunk Status Board

Get a complete list of all SIP trunks and observe their connection status including device type in a single dashboard view


Patented access control of all views and features by user

Telephone Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

With the nimbus hub BC/DR plans, you can build unlimited scenarios to optimise and protect your service continuity. Through real-time insights and controls, improvement in quality and cost savings can be realised.


Build - As Needed

Activate - With PAC Controls

Roll Back - As Appropriate

Audit - When Activation Occurs, and to Who


Call Forwarding for SIP Trunks

One Click Activation - easily switch call forwarding on/off to ensure you never miss another call. No matter what happens, the nimbus hub call forwarding capabilities allow you to always be accessible.

Audit Capability

Always know which extensions are active or inactive through visibility of last call date.

Benefits back to your business with the ability to identify which extensions are inactive, and in turn, capability to turn these off a realise true cost benefits.

Device Registration

Auditing devices can be a time consuming process that can have ongoing business implications.

With nimbus hub, devices can be identified by brand, model and firmware for all extensions.

User Access Control

When assets are not controlled, security risks can be heightened - especially when disruptions occur.

The nimbus hub access controls enable you to identify and manage system access and at what level this access is given.

nimbus’ comprehensive features see its application in used for both Contact Centre capabilities and business continuity plans.
Discover how nimbus revolutionised operations for others, and how it can for you.

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